ARY Coin – How it works?

  • You make a purchase at
  • Once you complete your purchase, you will get a text and/or an email confirming your ARY Coin offer.
  • ARY Coin  can be from 10% upto 100% of the product value of your purchase, exclusive of taxes and other charges.
  • ARY CoinOffer can only be redeemed only in Diamond Jewelry available on the website.
  •  Your ARY Sahulat Wallet Account will reflect the percentage of ARY Coin you receive. (For example: 20% of the product value LESS the service charges). the decision of the company  shall be final in terms of calculation the ARY Coin percentage.

You can redeem the credits in the following manner:

  • Credit in your account (other than Gold) can only be redeemed Only in Diamond Jewelry on the website.
  • You may avail ARY Coin by registering on, however, redemption of ARY Coin conditions that the Wallet Member must have physical  Wallet card in their possession/under their name; otherwise no claim shall be entertained.

For any further assistance, click below to get in touch with us.

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