General Terms and Conditions

ARY Sahulat Wallet / Card / Products / Services

Version issued in 01 February 2022

  1. Sahulat is a loyalty relationship product with reloadable wallet features and offers specific services and benefits for consumer purchases at Sahulat Business Alliances and/or online shopping at Sahulat Bazar etc.

  2. All adult individuals having a valid CNIC, Phone number and minimum 18 years of age are entitled to obtain any Sahulat product.

  3. The Sahulat products e.g. Card, Wallet, Comiti, MilliGold, Dollar Deal, APFP and other products are offered to individuals only. Non-individuals, entities i.e. businesses, corporates, Trust etc are not entitled for membership.

  4. An Individual getting registered at ARY Sahulat for any product is termed as an ARY Member.

  5. One member can have more than one Sahulat product at a time. Customer becomes Sahulat Member against purchase of any Product from the offered suite using any channel.

  6. ARY Sahulat offers cash top-up in a wallet attached with each product and a member can only spend that amount to any business alliance or on-line store of ARY Sahulat Bazar at its discretion. In no event the top-up can be withdrawn from Sahulat Wallet. Even in Comitis the member is given option to purchase a specified product out of the maturity proceeds of the Comiti or even lucky draw proceeds.

  7. The member is entitled to receive a declared percentage of the amount spent through Sahulat Wallet for shopping at ARY Business Alliance or Online ARY Sahulat Bazar as Value Back termed as ARY Coins and MilliGold.

  8. Loyalty benefits are comprised of an amount paid by Business Alliance and ARY contribution for an initial phase of membership. ARY’s contribution’s allocation percentage, time and value can be defined at an independent disposal of ARY Sahulat.

  9. The loyalty benefits, percentages can vary from time to time and Alliance to Alliance. Members receive the SMS alerts with relevant information.

  10. ARY Coins are having a value equal to PKR. 1.0 unless advised otherwise in the prevalent Schedule of Charge.

  11. A member can accumulate ARY Coins upto any value.

  12. ARY Coins as virtual currency can be used to redeem Diamond Jewelry (in Silver or Gold) or to pay against making charges, wastage charges etc.

  13. Redemption can be made only in specified products and such products can be added or removed anytime on sole disposal of ARY Sahulat.

  14. ARY Coins can only be redeemed against Diamond Jewelry from ARY Jewelers or against only specified products like payment of making charges, gift card or adjustment of Sahulat Wallet Fee that may be conveyed time to time. Such redemption can also be exercised through ARY Sahulat bazar as online transaction.

  15. At redemption the member has to be present in person at redemption point with his original Sahulat Card, PIN and CNIC.

  16. All loyalty benefits including ARY Coins and MilliGold have a validity of 18 months since the day these are created and credited in customer’s account. Such benefits can only be redeemed prior to its expiry date. However, any MilliGod which is purchased by customer will remain intact in his/her account until redemption took place.

  17. Expired Loyalty Benefits ARY Coins cannot be revalidated or reinstated.

  18. ARY Coin has a financial value of Rs. 1.0 (or as per prevalent Schedule of Charge) but it is not value as Top-up and cannot be spent for general shopping. These can only be redeemed against redeemable products.

  19. ARY Coins are not transferable to other Sahulat Member for any reason whatsoever. However, these can only be transferred to a new members in shape of ARY Gift Card.

  20. ARY Sahulat reserves the sole right to declare the prices of ARY Coins and the goods which can be redeemed against ARY Coins.

  21. A pre-declared processing fee for redemption will be charged against redemption transaction.

  22. ARY Sahulat has the right to claim and adjust any uncollected dues, charges, Fee or debits from any asset line of the customer’s relationship e.g. Wallet Top-up, Karachi Kings Top-up, MilliGold (collected as loyalty benefits), ARY Coins (upto the extent created against Alliance Margin), profit and prize amounts in any product. 

  23. ARY Sahulat offers transactions through different mediums e.g. Sahulat Card, without Card, online Web, SMS or with use of Mobile Application Interchangeably. Members should opt using any instrument by understanding and acceptance of the risks and rewards of associated with use of each instrument.

  24. Securing the confidential transactional protocols e.g. PINs, Passwords and/or physical card is responsibility of the member. Any transaction which records the use of these protocols are deemed to be executed and mandated by the member and no subsequent claim will be accepted.

  25. ARY Sahulat wallet, card, mobile app as relationship / instrument are not transferable to any other individual.

  26. ARY Sahulat uses the member’s mobile number as Sahulat wallet number in its platform. It is responsibility of the customer to inform ARY Sahulat timely if the SIM, Mobile number is transferred, closed or any other material changes occur in details associated with Sahulat Wallet.

  27. Amount deposited in Sahulat is called as Top-up Value, which can be spent for payment of any shopping at business alliances or online shop. This payment earns loyalty points as value back which are called ARY Coins and MilliGold (benefits could be non-exhaustive list and can be added anytime).

  28. Any Top-up made in any product of ARY Sahulat cannot be cashed out from any point. All value is to be used for payments against purchases at ARY Sahulat Business Alliances or online store.

  29. Brand Loyalty Club is an extended relationship of Member and any amount paid in Dollar Deal is a kind of Top-up which can only be spent over specified brand products unlike general shopping and/or converted into MilliGold.

  30. ARY reserves the right to offer promotional value back to the customers with any percentage, rate, frequency and/or period with its sole discretion. Promotional value back can be used as ARY Coins as narrated above.

  31. Other benefits like participation in Jeeto Pakistan or any other game shows or rewards are not residual benefits of ARY Sahulat. These must be deemed as promotional benefits and ARY Sahulat can offer or discontinue the same at is sole discretion.

  32. Customers while redeeming any prizes (won in game shows, draws or any promotion campaign) has to pay the applicable taxes and/or redemption fee (if any).

  33. Comiti products are classified as a Target Purchase products and shall not be considered a saving account.

  34. The Comiti has a standard Term / Tenor of 20 months with a standard contribution of PKR 5,000. However, the product is flexible for Tenor and value of contrition.

  35. A customer can go beyond 20 months and can pay a minimum contribution of PKR 1,000 unless specified otherwise to keep the relationship current and active to be entitled for any associated benefits.

  36. Member has to pay an annual wallet maintaining fee as per effective schedule of charge. This maintenance fee can be changed anytime on sole discretion of ARY Sahulat as monthly partial or lumpsum in advance.

  37. Member has to pay an absent fee if he does not pay even minimum monthly contribution in the Comiti as per updated schedule of charge.

  38. ARY Sahulat offers an optional lucky draw feature of the Comiti for the standard maturity proceeds i.e. PKR 100,000 at a fixed frequency. Lucky draw feature is not a regular and permanent product feature and can be discontinued anytime.

  39. If the member is successful in lucky draw feature, the member is entitled to a standard maturity face value of the comiti including customer’s own contribution made in the comiti irrespective of its promotion.

  40. The amount topped up by ARY Sahulat against a successful lucky draw is called “lucky draw proceeds”, credited after debiting the dues including but not limited to processing fee, card and wallet maintenance and others.

  41. The frequency of lucky draw in Comiti will be announced time to time and it is deemed as pure discretion of ARY Sahulat to cease the lucky draws any time without any notice or obligation.

  42. The successful members in lucky draw will be declared exempt from rest contributions.

  43. The lucky draw proceeds will be determined as “contribution payment performance percentage” presented by the member. Such performance will be determined as total amount paid in number of months from Comiti start date divided by total standard amount in Comiti @ monthly contribution per month. The lucky draw proceeds i.e. PKR 100,000 will be multiplied with the percentage of Contribution Payment Performance.

  44. The entitlement of inclusion of any Comiti member in Lucky draw is conditional with payment of a minimum monthly contribution as per updated Schedule of Charge.

  45. From the maturity proceeds or lucky draw proceeds the member can only purchase pre-determined items specified in the product time to time.

  46. The member has to pay the additional price of the specified item if it is higher than the maturity proceed or lucky draw proceeds.   

  47. The member can utilize the funds from his comiti as and when the cash value reaches to “Partial Spend Amount allowed” (as per Schedule of Charge) or in full during the term of the comiti.

  48. ARY Sahulat does not appreciate immature breaking of the Comiti before completion of the term or attaining to maturity value. However, in any unforeseen and unavoidable situations, the Member can opt and receive any other product upto the accumulated cash value in the Sahulat Account. Cash withdrawal from Sahulat account is not possible.

  49. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to revise the product pricing without further notice based on inflation and other business factors. Such changes can take place even during the currency of the comiti being an independent factor.

  50. ARY Sahulat transmits SMS Alerts against different transactions, which are deemed as electronic receipts of transaction. Customer can request a physical transaction receipt from ARY Sahulat e-shops only.

  51. The member must ensure delivery of electronic or physical receipt for all transaction to avoid any financial loss. ARY Sahualt is not responsible for any transaction, where the customer does not present either electronic or physical receipt of the transaction.

  52. Delivery of electronic receipts or transaction alerts are dependent on many external technological and communication factors and delay or failures are beyond responsibility of ARY Sahulat.

  53. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to share contact details to promote cross product sale of our Business Alliances.

  54.  In Sona Comiti, a fractional gold is accumulated in the member’s account instead of value. Such gold is purchased at a spot market price of the day as the Comiti contribution value is realized to ARY Sahulat.

  55. There is no upper capping on Sona Comiti and a member can target any higher weight of Gold on the his free will.

  56. The Member becomes eligible to take over the Gold after reaching to the minimum disbursable denomination e.g. 500 Milligram (or as specified in Schedule of Charge) provided 6 months period is elapsed. The disbursable denomination can be changed if the market trading rules/practice or the minimum denomination are changed.

  57. Accumulated Gold in Sona Comiti is delivered from only ARY Jewelers with a purity standard of 999.9 fine (24 Karat) Gold Bars, Coins, Biscuits and/or Jewelry. Standard Gold Coin, Bar or jewelry making and wastage charges prevalent as per prevalent Schedule of Charge.

  58. Cities where ARY Jewelers does not exist, the member can place online order for delivery of redemption or Gold upto the permissible Gold weight, which can be dispatched through post. In such case the cost of logistics and insurance (if needed) would be at part of the member.

  59. ARY offers smart saving in Gold in different products like loyalty benefit in MilliGold, independent MilliGold purchases or Sona Comiti and any other future products. In case the Gold is not available or cannot be dispatched due to above dispatchable quantity and/or Gold redemption is not available nearby customer, the smart saving can be sold to ARY Jewelers on spot buying rate offered by ARY Jewelers and payment against such sale of Gold can be made by ARY Jewelers in Sahulat-DIB Debit Card. Gold sale setup is an alliance arrangement and ARY Sahulat is not party to such sale.

  60. If the products, for example Bike, opted from the brands and model offered at the time of starting Comiti may not be available at maturity, the member has to choose from available make, model and brands similar to the offered product. Any price difference has to be paid by the Member.

  61. There is minimum 6 months period for accumulation of funds in Comiti. Even if the funds will reach to the specified product price, the member cannot spend the proceeds before elapse of given period.

  62. Taxes, Registration, Insurance, product accessories, performance, warranties, after sales service are not responsibility of ARY Sahulat and is not part of Comiti agreement. All facilities, guarantees are extended as offered by the manufacturer.

  63. Due to different business and market conditions, the delivery can be delayed which is not in the control of ARY Sahulat, hence ARY Sahulat cannot be held responsible for the delays due to such unforeseen situation.

  64. ARY Sahulat is not manufacturer of the product, hence in case of any variation in the quality and/or manufacturing fault in the product, the member should report the fact to the authorized service center of the manufacturer.

  65. ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any loss of assets or lives whatsoever associated directly or indirectly with the product whatsoever.

  66. ARY Sahulat offers different Umrah packages to the members at the time of joining, which include Visa, Travel tickets, Housing, Ziarat (for Umrah only) and Transfers between Airport, Makkah and Madina. The package does not cover meals, refreshment, medical or any additional travel or expenses whatsoever. Such details will be provided by the partner Umarah Operators.

  67. The delivery of Umra service is directly subject to the laws implemented at the time of plan or amended at the time of arranging such Umra visit. ARY Sahulat is responsible to facilitate the customer to accumulate the funds and provide him the facility of Umara Operators with standard services. Ineligibility of the member due to legal framework is neither ARY Sahulat nor its partner’s responsibility. Any financial securities, clearances and other legal formalities are to be completed by the member on his own arrangements.

  68. In case of any ineligibility of a member, such service can be extended to an eligible individual nominated by the member and/or a replacement of product of equivalent value in the Comiti product menu.

  69. The Passport, vaccination and other documentary requirements are not the responsibility of ARY Sahulat.

  70. Female and young members must arrange their Mehram / senior companions and their travel arrangements at her own. ARY is not responsible to extend any service to such companions unless a separate Comiti is arranged for them.

  71. ARY Sahulat monitor’s the service standards as per projected plans for a maximum satisfaction of members, however ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any variation in the services provided by the Umra Operators due to any business or operational reasons on ground.

  72. All ARY Sahulat affiliation as member or business alliance are subject to acceptance of prevailing Terms and Conditions available in product documents, promotions, letters and communications. These guidelines, terms and conditions are inclusive of all amendments and newly introduced terms time to time. Any contradiction in any aspect of the product or benefit feature should be decided by the ARY Sahulat at its sole discretion.

  73. Sahulat Members are entitled to Smart Saving with a set proportion of benefits at a set percentage payment transaction made at business alliance. Such proportion and percentages are defined in prevalent Schedule of Charge.

  74. All loyalty benefits, commodities, values which are not purchased by the member are exposed to recovery of dues on members or can be reversed / clawed back in case of any misrepresentation or wrong information or collusion in transactions.

  75. ARY Dollar Deal is a promotional product used to mobilize customers around platform for different businesses. Touch Reward Screen is part of Dollar Deal.

  76. The entitlement to Touch varies between offers, alliances, markets, products and seasons.

  77. There is an annual redemption fee in order to avail the rewards explored by the members using touch screen interface. Redemption fee paid once remained valid till close of its anniversary period.

  78. Members has to submit required details, pay a set amount of redemption fee within specified period as per prevalent schedule of charge.

  79. ARY Sahulat shall do its best to provide the rewards delivery within efficient time, however the institution is not responsible for any delays in redemption of rewards beyond control of ARY Sahulat.

  80. ARY Sahulat is not responsible to facilitate through any ineligibility, disqualification, bar from law enforcement agencies, control lists, where a member is found intricated with. Such members shall be deemed disqualified and member forfeit his right to claim such reward or any allied legal recourse.

  81. ARY Sahulat offers different introductory benefits for Cross Sell between different alliances to promote the business. Such benefits includes 20 MilliGold on completion of first Rs. 2,500 shopping from any new alliance in cross business. Such qualification (Rs. 2,500 shopping) and benefit (20 MilliGold) varies from time to time updated as per prevalent schedule of charge.

  82. Home delivery charges would be applicable to all services delivered at doorstep of the customer as per prevalent schedule of charge.

  83. ARY Sahulat reserves the rights to add, alter and/or amend Terms and Conditions, Offers, Benefits, Inclusions, Exclusions, Services any time without any notice to the members. Such changes would be updated in Schedule of Charge as and when it becomes due.

  84. ARY Sahulat does not allow and possesses a sole right to cease any relationship based on any findings of Money Laundering, payments against ransom or other illegal, banned or beyond social interests of the society.

  85. ARY Sahulat Wallet, Card, Mobile App has features of value topup and spending, but it should not be misconceived as credit card, debit card, or any other charge cards. ARY Sahulat Wallet, Card and Mobile Apps are only accepted at Sahulat Business Alliances for prescribed services only.

  86. ARY Sahulat Wallet is available in two different variants i.e. a conventional loyalty card in closed loop payment scope, ARY Gold Card variants and Sahulat|DIB debit card as a financial Services instrument. Only Sahulat|DIB debit card can be accepted on ATM and POS payment networks.

  87. Only Sahulat|DIB debit card can be accepted on ATM and POS payment networks. Regular Sahulat Loyalty card, ARY Gold Card and Karachi King Card are not accepted on ATM or POS network.

  88. ARY Gold Card is available in 5 denominations of PKR 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000 or as specified in Schedule of Charge and Specification. Sahulat offers Gold @ 80% or 60% of invoice upto announced ceiling based on customer’s behavior on Fee.

  89. If the customer pays the annual prevalent fee of card/wallet upfront, he is entitled to maximum gold benefit of 80% or if does not pay or pay partial fee, he is eligible for a Gold benefit of 60% of selected Gold Card denomination.

  90. Gold benefit of Sahulat Gold Card is accrued through MGSS (Milli Gold Saving Scheme) for one year (250 days) and paid as per completion of shopping commitment. For shopping commitment review prevalent Schedule of Charge and Specification.

  91. Annual Fee of Sahulat Card/Wallet is different for Prepay and Postpay packages. Review prevalent Schedule of Charge and Specification.

  92. Topup/Balance in both cards can be transferred between both relationships of customers. All funds in both relationships and Transactions are subject to applicable KYC framework of ARY Sahulat.

  93. For Sahulat|DIB cards, customer’s relationship is ruled out under Terms and Conditions issued by ARY Sahulat as well as by Dubai Islamic Bank. Any incidental contradiction between both terms and conditions of Sahulat|DIB debit Card, the clauses issued by Dubai Islamic Bank will prevail.

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