Anex Jumbo Oven Toaster (AG-3070)

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• Power: 220-230V 50HZ 2000W
• 60 minutes automatic timer to turned off
• High power deluxe oven with adjustable thermostat control from 100c to 250c
• Power on light indicator
• Rotisserie function
• Large Capacity with convection


Anex AG3070

For All your Basic Baking Needs
Anex is a globally known brand of appliances that gurantees quality. This toaster oven is everything you need for your basic baking needs; whether it’s baking cupcakes, pizzas, rolls, cookies or even roasting a chicken. You can easily fit two whole chickens and roast it to perfection.

No more bulky oven
Now you don’t need a hugh oven that is bulky and takes up space. This toaster oven can be placed on any kitchen counter surface without getting in the way. It can easily be kept at a level that allows easy access so you can check your food that is in the oven without bending again and again to see if the food is cooked.

Easy to Clean
The toaster oven is compact so that it’s easier to clean. Unlike the hugh ovens which take a while to scrub down and clean, the toaster oven is clean in a matter of minutes.





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