Ijtamai Qurbani With Fresh One


Eid al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice in Islam, honors Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) firm commitment to Allah. The practice of udhiya or qurbani, wherein Muslims all across the globe sacrifice animals, is the prominent side of this holy celebration. In current economic hardships, Fresh One offers its ijtamai Asaan Qurbani offers, ensuring a practical & budget-friendly solution for families to accomplish this spiritual duty.

Fresh One’s Asaan ijtamai  Qurani Offers

Spotting the economic constraints faced by the majority of Pakistani households, Fresh One introduces the Asaan ijtamai Qurbani offers, ensuring that udhiya is within every household’s financial reach through appropriate installment plans. Let’s discover the categories and pricing options:

Category 1: Cow Share

  • Price: PKR 31,500
  • 5 Months’ Installment
  • Every Installment: PKR 6,300

Category 2: Cow

  • Price: PKR 220,500
  • 5 Months’ Installment
  • Every Installment: PKR 44,100

Category 3: Goat

  • Price: PKR 48,000
  • 5 Months’ Installment
  • Every Installment: PKR 9,600

Fresh One’s Pledge to Quality: Certifying Ethical and Affordable Sacrifices

What distinguishes Fresh One is not only the affordability of their Asaan ijtamai Qurbani offers but also their commitment to providing healthy animals for sacrifice. Through a stringent selection process, Fresh One guarantees meat quality, reassuring families that their Qurbani is both economical and ethically sourced.

The Essence of Sacrifice and Kindness:

As we head to the festive occasion of Eid al-Adha, let’s reflect on the real meaning of sacrifice & kindness. Fresh One’s Asaan Qurbani offers comes out as the blessing for all the households navigating the financial restraints of the advanced world. By making udhiya pocket-friendly, Fresh One eases the fulfillment of a religious obligation and nurturing a real sense of community and collective responsibilities. Clutch this opportunity for celebrating Eid al-Adha with joy and gratitude and trust Fresh One as it has made it handy for every household to perform its religious responsibility.

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