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Beard Care Kit

Beard Care Kit

SKU: Beard kit
Brand: S&J
PKR 2,499
PKR 1,500

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Beard care kit

Pack of 5
Beard Oil
Beard Shampoo
Beard Balm
Beard Wax
Beard Comb

Brand: Drakker

In box
Complete kit

Beard care kit detail
30 ml oil bottle, to be applied by pump
20 ml shampoo, to be applied by pump
Free additional pump
Beard Wax and beard Balm, to be applied by hand
No side effects
Completely herbal product
No bad or oil smell
Perfumed smell
Can be applied at day or night (preferably day time or morning time before leaving for work)
Reduces hair loss
Hair growth
Grows hair where there are no hairs
Fresh Perfumed smell

Complete care for your beard and hair

A perfect solution for baldness

Head hair
Beard hair
Body hair

Reults are out in 20 to 25 days

2 to 3 drops of oil to be applied and massaged gently daily for 2 times
Balm and wax to be applied once in 2 days

Any time of th day


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