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ARY Sahulat Wallet Card

ARY Sahulat Wallet Card

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PKR 1,500

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  • Sahulat is a loyalty relationship product with reloadable wallet features and offers specific services and benefits for consumer purchases at Sahulat Business Alliances and/or online shopping at Sahulat Bazar etc.
  • All adult individuals having a valid CNIC, Phone number, and a minimum of 18 years of age are entitled to participate in Sahulat products.
  • The Sahulat products e.g. Card, Wallet, Comiti, and other products are offered to only adult individuals only. Non-individual entity i.e. business, corporate, Trust, etc are not entitled to membership.
  • A member can accumulate ARY Coins up to his desired value.
  • ARY Coins can only be redeemed against Diamond Jewelry from ARY Jewelers or against only specified products that may be conveyed from time to time. Such redemption can also be exercised through ARY Sahulat Bazar as an online transaction.
  • ARY Coins have a validity of 18 months since the day these are created and credited in the account. The expiry of ARY Coins can be informed at least 30 days prior to its validity.
  • Expired ARY Coins cannot be revalidated or reinstated once the validity or after expiry notice.
  • ARY Coins are not valued as Top-up and cannot be spent on general shopping.
  • ARY Coins are not transferable to other Sahulat Member for any reason whatsoever. However, these can only be transferred to new members in the shape of the ARY Gift Card.
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